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Cargo and Courier

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Cargo is a product that is transported from one place to another. There are various ways in which a cargo can be transported. The cargos that are sent by ships are the marine cargo. The container ships are loaded with marine cargo from the seaports and are delivered at the destination port. The cargo that is sent by airlines is called as air cargo. Earlier the cargos were carried in normal flight; later special airlines meant for transportation were designed. The cargo can be transported in trains meant for transporting goods and are called as goods train. It is used mainly for the transportation of articles such as metals, steel, iron etc. This method of transportation is more economic. The most common method of transportation of goods is by roadways. It is used mainly for the transportation of day to day goods.

A courier is used to deliver small parcels such as documents more efficiently and faster. The time taken for a cargo to reach a destination is more when compared to that of a courier. The size of the cargo is usually large and is used mainly to send goods which are bulky and huge. In order to transport such heavy items, courier method cannot be used as courier is meant for delivering goods which are small in size such as documents. Such small parcels can be delivered in no time. It enables the people to save time for sending an item. Sending huge articles through cargo is the safest method of transportation. It ensures safety for the things delivered. The goods sent as cargo are not subjected to wear and tear.

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