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Seabreeze Cargo and Couriers have been pioneering the industry in GCC and India since 1998 covering both domestic and international services. We ‘breeze’ in every package within given timeframe, every single time.

Our structure with Headquarters in Dubai and group branch and representative offices in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Philippines, India and agents across the globe assist us to deliver your cargo speedily with professional network.

It's our customer service that we pride ourselves on. Our customers have enough to stress over without the additional pressure of, shipments not arriving, managing administration and explaining why things are late. You will get personalised service at every level with Seabreeze because we are truly independent, make our own decisions and specialise in our home market.

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No two clients are the same - each has different cargo, destination and deadlines - our experienced operations team will work through any solution end-to-end, and predict possible challenges in order to plan for every eventuality. That's why we believe that “nothing is impossible” and seek to be the premier supplier of total logistics services in GCC. Whatever your requirements, we will provide the most effective solution.

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Quality Policy

'Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.' - Peter Drucker

We aim to provide total customer satisfaction that will lead to customer loyalty. Whether by land, sea or air our collective years of experience and cutting-edge technology ensure that whatever you need delivered will get there in the most timely, efficient and cost effective method possible with our Total Quality management techniques.

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Awards & Achievements

The milestones we have acquired are a reflection of our work. Seabreeze Cargo and Couriers has been the proud recipient of both industry and customer satisfaction awards. This affirmation of our achievements has come from the air travel, customer service, web and business sectors. We are honoured to be recognised by each of these awards, and strive to continue to uphold the standards that helped us achieve them. Seabreeze is built on the philosophy of delivering quality and value to its customers, which is reflected by the variety and level of Awards we have received for excellence. Emirates Top Cargo Agent Award - Abudhabi, Etihad Top Cargo Agent Award, Reporter International Business Reliability Award- 2016 and many more.

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